We have no problem with it and leave this entirely up to you. Ladies tend to become more sensitive and for some, their pain tolerance is lower during menstruation. Mind you, our regular clients consider SUGARING at this time a walk in the park compared to waxing. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel clean and smooth down there when everything else feels like crap. All we ask is that if you’d rather not come during your period, you schedule your appointment at least a week AFTER it’s expected to avoid late cancellations.

Well if you consider that you’repulling hair out from the root, you might expect there to be some discomfort. SUGARING is nowhere nearly as painful as waxing. With the SUGARING technique, the sting quickly subsides. As I always say, “the first time is the worst time’ and with routine treatments the hair becomes refined and there’sless regrowth. Eventually, you’ll be talking and singing throughout your service and out the door in no time.


What may be happening is that now the hair has been removed, the pore is left vacant for possibly up to 4 weeks and in that time dead skin cells and other debris can block the path from which the new hair should be emerging. In the struggle to push through to the surface the hair may bend and coil to find the path of least resistance and also grab some dirt and dead skin along the way and VOILA!! Unsightly ingrowns.

SUGARING will help in 2 ways:

  1. With other methods of hair removal broken hairs and stubble can get trapped under the skin causing hair bumps. The sugaring method removes the hair with its root in the direction of growth which reduces the chance of broken trapped hair.
  2. The sugar paste acts as a gentle exfoliant by attaching to dead cells on the skin’s surface which are removed with the hair thereby unclogging pores and clearing the path for new (or trapped) hairs to push through freely.