Learn the Art of Sugaring

We believe that proficiency in any skill, and no less so in Sugaring, comes from education, practice and patience.  

“You can’t build a house starting with the windows”

Get certified in Sugaring hair removal and take a certification course, in a sensibly allocated time, with a skilled experienced Sugarist. 

Sugar Coated by Nicole is pleased to be affiliated with internationally recognized brand Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring. We offer various hands-on, intensive, fully interactive sugaring training sessions that will teach you everything you need to know to become a Tamara’s Certified Body Sugaring Practitioner.  You’ll be provided with the tools you need to start your sugaring business as well as learn how to take your current business to another level.  On completion of your class you’ll be awarded your internationally recognized Sugaring Certification.  You will also learn from industry professionals and be granted exclusive membership to private professional Sugarists groups to support and assist you with Sugaring issues and where you can share your successes, as well as be privy to life long mentorship.  

Take a look at the following classes and see what’s right for you.

The Art of Sugaring Foundation Class

Sugaring is more complicated than it looks on social media.  This course caters mainly to beginners who have never sugared before as well as the self-taught Sugarist.  In order for your clients to believe that Sugaring is truly less painful and more effective than other hair removal methods it is important that you begin your Sugaring career by taking a certification course so that your Sugaring application and removal technique can be evaluated by a trained professional Sugaring Educator.

It will be a 2-day class during which you will learn the fundamentals of Sugaring, be taught theory and product knowledge, pre- and post-Sugaring directives, economic and hygienic use of products, how to blend and adjust your product according to our tropical climate, as well as receive hands-on instruction on how to perfect Sugaring hair removal on the following areas, as well as how to get unstuck and troubleshooting: 

  • legs
  • torso
  • arms (including underarms)
  • face (particularly eyebrows, chin and lips)

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Intimate Sugaring Class

This class is designed for persons who already have the basic Sugaring certification but want to offer more technical services to their clients.  The services offered in this class are the most highly requested and can be quite lucrative. 

In this 1-day class you will be taught how to safely, efficiently and confidently remove hair with the least amount of discomfort from your clients’ most delicate areas, which will include:

  • bikini line
  • extended bikini
  • full Brazillians 
  • butt cleavage
  • butt cheeks 

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Advanced Intimate Sugaring Class

This class caters to Sugarists who have completed both the Foundation and Intimate Sugaring classes.  We will hone your skill and knowledge and work on your ability to remain calm under pressure.  This class includes:

  • a refresher on intimate sugaring
  • intimate speed sugaring
  • BROkini and BROzilian (male intimate) sugaring

Refresher Course

Perhaps your clients are complaining that their hair is returning too fast or consistently describe their Sugaring experience with you as “just as bad as the first time”, or first-time clients don’t return, or you did some kind of “training” with a friend or salon colleague who turned out not to be too proficient in Sugaring or they may have been certified and proficient in Sugaring but not in teaching Sugaring, or you were self-taught from “YouTube University”, or you did Sugaring as a component of another programme but didn’t quite grasp it at the time but want to perfect the art of Sugaring now, or you do have your Sugaring certification but haven’t sugared for a while and want to brush up on your technique, you keep getting stuck on certain areas, etc….

If you’ve fallen into any of the above categories, don’t despair, these things happen.  What’s fantastic is that you recognise there’s an issue and want to take the necessary steps to correct it.  We’ve got you covered with this class.

Online Training (Coming Soon)

At the moment this training method will mainly cater to those who already have some knowledge of the Sugaring technique and who are unable to attend class in person due to travel restrictions or limited time schedules.  This class will be conducted over a series of weeks and will require submission of case study videos and written exams.

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